Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO)

What Is Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics(AOO)?

This is becoming a more popular treatment for crooked teeth, especially in adults who have very busy lives, or need to finish their orthodontic treatment in a shorter amount of time.  This surgical technique, in conjunction with your Orthodontist, utilizes the bones normal healing process to shorten the treatment time buy up to 2/3.  The procedure stimulates the bone that supports your teeth to undergo a healing cycle.  During this healing cycle, which starts 2 weeks after the procedure and continues for up to 6 months, the bone becomes softer, which allows for faster movement of the teeth by your Orthodontist. This amount of time is just enough time for the teeth to be moved and straighten.  This can shorten your orthodontic treatment to about 1/3 the time.  A two year orthodontic treatment time can be as short as 6-9 month instead. Often times the result is more stable than conventional orthodontics, but a retainer is still needed. Ask you Orthodontist or Dr. Chan if you are a candidate.

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Who Is A Candidate For AOO?

In the past, this procedure was limited to pre-teens and teens who had very difficult crowding and teeth that would not respond to conventional orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Chan, who has extensive experience, along with an Orthodontist who has specific training to treat AOO, can treat almost any patient of any age.  More recently adults who wish to finish their treatment in a shorter amount of time have been benefiting from this procedure.  Started orthodontics late and your graduation or wedding is coming up soon?  This is an ideal opportunity to have your smile in perfect order before your special event.

If you have been told that you need surgery to move your jaws as well as orthodontic treatment, you may be a candidate.  If the surgical jaw movement is not too extensive,  AOO can be done.

Pros &  Cons Of AOO

Pros – Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics is what it is – accelerated.  Two years of orthodontics can be done in as little as 6-9 months.  Because it is an office procedure, hospital costs are eliminated.  Orthodontic pain from tooth movement is usually less, because the bone is softer or less dense.

Cons – Is more expensive than conventional orthodontics alone.  Orthodontic costs is generally the same, that is the same total treatment is being done but in a shorter amount of time with more frequent orthodontic visits, usually every 2 weeks.  The added expense comes from the surgical procedure that initiates the healing cycle that makes this all possible.

What Is To Be Expected?

Orthodontic brackets are place just before the surgical procedure.  The length of the surgical procedure depends on how many teeth are going to have accelerated movement.  For full upper and lower arches, the procedure takes 2-3 hrs.  This is usually done with a local anesthetic and sedation, but can be done with general anesthesia for those that are very apprehensive.  You will then see your Orthodontist 2 weeks later when tooth movement will start, and then every 2 weeks until your teeth are straight, usually 4 -9 months